Eureco Health Solutions is built on the premise that health is an essential component of a company’s most important asset - its people - also known as human capital. Although poor health in a workforce can be a substantial risk to a company’s productivity, and thereby success, it can be proactively managed through programs that identify risk and minimize its impacts. Conversely, health is a tool that can be promoted and nurtured, becoming a strategic asset for companies that recognize its value.

We are an agile and progressive occupational health and safety consulting company that focuses on improving individual health risks towards business productivity, continuity, and bottom line. 

The world we are living in is changing - information systems, massive data sets, and digital technology create enormous opportunities to better manage worker health and perhaps even eliminate many of the risks that historically existed in occupational health and safety.  We leverage data analytics, digital platforms and technology to assess, remediate, and manage the costs associated with the health of a company's workforce.

Let your business with Eureco Health Solutions speak for itself–our services prove to be a strong differentiator in business operations and an indicator that your company truly cares about its people.

Eureco Health Solutions partners with your company to expertly manage assets and liabilities surrounding health. We focus on managing the ‘individual’ health of employees in high risk occupations and on building health assets into the DNA of our customer’s organizations.

Management Team

Eureco Health Solutions was founded by a group of highly seasoned medical, safety, technology, and risk assessment professionals representing over 100 years of collective experience.  With diverse skillsets in the occupational health industry, our team is proficient in managing unwanted risk and promoting good health in the workplace.  


Aaron Hoffman MBA

Chief Executive Officer

Aaron Hoffman is a skilled strategist, entrepreneur, and business leader. For more than 10 years he has been a consultant to Fortune 500 and startup companies in the areas of market development, regulatory affairs, occupational health, safety, and sustainability.

Mr. Hoffman is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Eureco Health Solutions, an occupational health consultancy which focuses on managing the individual health of employees in high risk occupations, and on building health as an asset into the DNA of customers' organizations by improving health risks relative to business productivity, continuity and bottom line.

Mr. Hoffman holds a BA in Environmental Studies from Prescott College, a MBA in International Business from Hult International Business School, and has completed 2 years of graduate research at Delft University of Technology and Leiden University.



Executive Vice President

With forty-nine years experience in the transportation industry and business world Larry has done consultant work for the past fifteen years. With a background in both business and transportation he has served as Vice President of Corporate Relations for a worldwide ministry specifically for the trucking industry, Vice President of Business Development for a Truckers Wellness Group, and consulted with various non-profit organizations in the areas of strategic planning and finance. Larry resides in NC, where he grew up, but has traveled extensively and lived in New York City, Miami Fl., and Nashville Tn. Larry is a member of the SMS360 Fleet Safety Advisory Board. 




In his role as Medical Advisor, Dr. Wittels oversees medical surveillance and reviews of DOT driver certification. He is also responsible for Eureco Health Solutions policies and procedures and quality improvement.  Dr. Wittels graduated from the University of Oklahoma School of Medicine.  He is board certified in both internal medicine and occupational medicine.  For 24 years, he was a full-time faculty member of Baylor College of Medicine in Houston, TX.  At Baylor, he was active in research, teaching of students and residents, and also had a private practice in internal medicine,   In 1991, he was named a Fellow of the American College of Physicians.  He founded and was chief of the Baylor College of Medicine Occupational Health Program from 1991 to 1999.  He worked as an occupational medicine physician for Concentra Health Centers for 16 years.  Dr Wittels has chaired Department of Transportation medical expert panels on anticoagulation and commercial driving and the Cardiovascular Guidelines for the Medical Examination of Commercial Drivers.  He served 5 years as the senior medical consultant for the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration.   His published articles have focused on lipid-metabolic diseases, sleep apnea, and economic modeling.  He has also authored 2 books on medical certification of commercial drivers. 


Rosalyn Beaty MD MPH FACOEM

Dr. Rosalyn Beaty is a graduate of Stephen F. Austin State University. She received her medical degree from Meharry Medical College in Nashville, TN and Master of Public Health degree from the University of Texas School of Public Health in Houston, TX. She completed her residency in Occupational Medicine at the University of Texas Health Center at Tyler.

Dr. Beaty is Board Certified in Occupational Medicine. She has over 16 years of experience in Occupational Medicine. She is a Senior Aviation Medical Examiner and a certified Medical Review Officer. She is also a registered doctor for Oil & Gas UK physicals.

Dr. Beaty is a Fellow of the American College of Occupational and Environmental Medicine. She is Past President of the Texas College of Occupational and Environmental Medicine. In addition, she is an Associate Fellow of the Aerospace Medical Association. She is a member of the Harris County Medical Society and Texas Medical Association.



Chief Operating Officer

Alex Hoffman is the Chief Operating Officer at Eureco Health Solutions.  Alex’s experience is in both consulting, working with business process and software implementations, as well as starting two of his own businesses.  As a consultant Alex has led projects with multi-national organizations helping his clients to understand their business better while reorganizing and redeveloping their processes. In his own entrepreneurial endeavors Alex has focused on leveraging technology to succeed within typically low-tech industry.



John Varela RPSGT

Technical Director of Sleep MEdicine

John is a proven leader with a track record of quality, ethics, knowledge, and a passion for patient education, in the field of Sleep Medicine and research. John comes to Eureco Health Systems, by way of Seattle CPAP and previously Virginia Mason Medical Centers. John left a successful fifteen-year career at Virginia Mason in the field of Neurophysiology of Sleep and the treatment of Sleep Disorders to pursue his dream of Seattle CPAP, a leader in the northwest region for non-insurance-based Durable Medical Equipment (DME) and Home Sleep Testing (HST). His goal of improving access to cutting-edge sleep diagnostics and industry-leading CPAP equipment at a fraction of the cost appears to be taking the northwest by storm. John recognized a trend years ago of access-limiting bureaucracy in the field of sleep. So, he began to work on a solution. With the help of companies such as Philips Respironics, Resmed, and Fisher & Paykel, he formed Seattle CPAP. People often talk about wanting to “do better,” “be better,” and “help people." John lives these values every day. In addition to Seattle CPAP, John and his fiancé operate a local non-profit helping put shoes on the feet of Seattle's homeless. You can’t know a person’s story until you’ve walked a mile In Their Shoes. With Seattle CPAP, John Valera, RPSGT, strives to help you Breathe easy.



Senior Consultant for Industrial HygIENE

Basil “Buzz” Bocynesky has more than 45 years of experience in the Occupational Health and Safety fields, which includes four years as an industrial hygienist and safety specialist at Electric Boat and eleven years as a senior Federal Occupational Safety and Health (OSHA) compliance officer.  During employment at OSHA, over 400 site safety and health compliance investigations were conducted within the construction, general, and maritime industries in order to confirm compliance with existing Federal Regulations. Other work related experience includeshis roles as Manager of Occupational Health at Exeter Hospital in New Hampshire, and Health and Safety Coordinator at O&G Industries Inc. Duties and services included development and implementation of employee health and safety programs, worksite safety inspections, employee safety training and occupational exposure monitoring to toxic substances, site safety assessments, consultation, assistance, and guidance during OSHA regulatory site visits. 

After working for the aforementioned entities, Buzz acquired additional experience within the safety and health fields in the private sector as a safety consultant and Industrial Hygienist. From 1994 to present, an extensive and diverse client base was developed through consulting for such companies as United Technologies, Colt Mfg., TI Automotive Group, Uniroyal Chemical Co, Sea World, Mac Dermid Chemical Co., Waste Management, Wheelabrator, ADVO Inc., Hewlett Packard, GTE Sylvania, U.S Steel, Phoenix Soils, and Yale New Haven Hospital.


Loraine Kanyare RN MSN MPH

Occupational Health Nurse Leader

Loraine is a passionate graduate level nurse and public health professional. In her role at Eureco Health Solutions, she works with the Medical Director and support staff to ensure regulatory oversight of CDL medical exams. To ensure quality, Loraine is in constant communication with clients and medical examiners nationwide to discuss case-specific examinee recommendations. She also contributes to management through recruiting, communicating job expectations, coordinating staff, and enforcing systems, policies, and productivity standards. 

Loraine’s experience spans nearly fifteen years in varied clinical settings. In her role as a PCMH Case Manager Supervisor, she coordinated care for high-risk patients at Codman Square Health Center. As a Director of Staff Development/Infection Control, she oversaw medical education, performance improvement, management of a facility-wide vaccination program, and collected and disseminated  data on nosocomial infection trends.  She also collaborated with the Director to coordinate mock surveys in preparation for JCAHO & state surveys. Loraine received her nurse practitioner training and Master of Public Health from the University of Alabama, Birmingham.


Laurie Arena RN COHN-S CLNC

Occupational Health Nurse Manager

Laurie Arena has had various nursing experience in a variety of health care areas including: ICU/CCU; ER; Dialysis; Endoscopy; PACU; Occupational Medicine and senior nursing leadership roles.  She is a Certified Occupational Health nurse (COHN-S) with vast experience in both industry and hospital based experience. Occupational medicine is her passion.  Her goal is to provide job safety for all workers in all situations.  She has actively been a member on various safety committees.  She is also a Certified Legal Nurse Consultant and has her own legal consulting business.  Laurie  serves as an occupational health nurse manager at Eureco and is involved with clinic development and recruitment for Eureco's AmeriGo Driver Health Clinics. 


Lexi Haskell MA

Organizational Development Leader

Lexi is responsible for organizational development and human resources. She has an extensive background in health and education management, with a focus on program development and training. Her graduate degree in education is from Columbia University and she has worked at Kelsey Seybold, HCA, Oppenheimer and Co., and EDC. Her expertise has been widely recognized as she has been featured on television, radio and in her written publications.