NTSB Criticizes FMCSA for Lack of Oversight in Bus Crash

The National Transportation Safety Board is blasting the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) for not doing enough to get unsafe bus and truck drivers off the road. This follows an investigation into a 2016 bus crash in California in which four people died and 20 were hurt. Investigators found the driver was severely sleep deprived.
— CBSNews

Eureco Partners with St. Christopher Truckers Relief Fund to Help Drivers in Need

Eureco Health Solutions has partnered with St. Christopher Truckers Relief Fund as a Bronze Sponsor. SCF helps professional drivers and their families who have financial needs due to medical problems and Eureco's donation has helped pay rent and utilities for a driver who had a stroke. We look forward to developing our relationship with SCF and continuing to support truckers across the US. 

Eureco Health Solutions Joins the Commercial Vehicle Training Association

Eureco Health Solutions was honored to attend the Commercial Vehicle Training Association's (CVTA) Fall Conference in San Antonio September 27-29. As a new corporate member of the association, Eureco aims to continue it's mission of offering the trucking industry the highest quality health services available. 

Eureco Sponsors "We See You" Rally Combating Sex Trafficking in Houston

Eureco Health Solutions sponsored and attended Free the Captives' "We See You" Rally October 13-14th. Free the Captives is a faith-based anti-human trafficking 501(c)(3) non-profit that fights the exploitation and trafficking of Houston’s youth. A true success, the rally was meant to attract attention to the exploitation of women in one of Houston's busiest sex trafficking areas:

We are calling for thousands of people to join Free the Captives on Oct. 13-14, 2017, as we line the streets of Bissonnet between Beltway 8 and 59 and to send a strong message to the Johns/buyers that our girls are not for sale.

Bissonnet is one of the busiest streets for sex trafficking in Houston. Most of Free the Captives’ teen trafficking victims have been forced to work on Bissonnet, and the buyers (aka “Johns”) have absolutely no shame in driving up and down Bissonnet looking for a girl to buy. It is time to show them that Houston does care!
— Free the Captives


Read more about Free the Captives and the rally here.

The Hill: "Trump rule change ignites safety debate"

From TheHill.com

From TheHill.com

The Trump administration is forging ahead with a controversial decision to scrap Obama-era plans to require that all truck, train and bus operators be screened for sleep apnea.

’It’s incredibly dangerous to think someone behind the wheel of an 80,000-pound rig might have this disorder and fall asleep while driving,’ said Catherine Chase, vice president of governmental affairs for the Advocates for Highway and Auto Safety.
— The Hill

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Trucker.com: "Report highlights problems with DOT med cert program"

"ATRI survey finds truck drivers are paying higher costs for exams, among other issues"

From Trucker.com

From Trucker.com

A new report has raised concerns about the costs and quality of medical care for commercial drivers nearly three years after the implementation of a federal mandate aimed at improving the process...The survey – based on interviews with over 900 truck drivers, 300 motor carriers and 1,200 medical examiners – found that more than 63% of drivers reported higher costs for their exams since the rule was implemented, with 40% facing out-of-pocket costs between $75 and $124.

For many, the higher costs did not seem to correlate into greater care, ATRI said, with just 6.2% of drivers indicating improved exam quality since the rule was implemented.
— Trucker.com

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RAND study: business loss of poor sleep in the United States at $411 billion — a gross domestic product loss of 2.28%

New York Times

New York Times

The federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention calls sleeplessness a public health concern. Good sleep helps brain plasticity, studies in mice have shown; poor sleep will make you fat and sad, and then will kill you. It is also expensive: Last year, the RAND Corporation published a study that calculated the business loss of poor sleep in the United States at $411 billion — a gross domestic product loss of 2.28 percent.
— New York Times

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