Worker Fitness & Health's Successful Visit to the Great American Trucking Show!

Worker Fitness & Health attended the Great American Trucking Show from August 25th to 27th for what was a successful exhibition of our Total Driver Health offering!  We personally engaged with commercial drivers and industry professionals on health and wellness, regulatory compliance, and the truck driver experience.  Our company is grateful to hear the voices of those that carry the trucking industry on their backs — drivers.  By continuously listening to the needs and challenges of this population, we at Worker Fitness & Health feel we are the best equipped to offer our driver-focused health service to trucking companies in order to reduce risk, liability, and medical costs associated with doing business in a high risk industry.  

The men and women who we had the pleasure of speaking with face the same difficulties as all of us; in many cases they face even more being on the road.  They represent a workforce of nearly 3.5 million commercial drivers in the United States who work hard every day to deliver the goods we rely on.  

We are serious about the business of making employees healthier while helping their employers to maintain regulatory compliance, ensure fitness for duty, and operate more safely and efficiently — and that starts with an appreciation of the commercial driver's needs.  Worker Fitness & Health is grateful to have had the opportunity to attend the Great American Trucking Show and we look forward to further engagement with drivers who believe that health is an essential value.  

Worker Fitness & Health partners with your company to expertly manage assets and liabilities surrounding health.  Our Total Driver Health program can help your company reduce risk, liability, and medical costs while ensuring your drivers are fit for the road and ready to represent your company.