Fox News Reports on Sleep Apnea Crash Risk for Commercial Drivers

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A recent study of commercial drivers in northern Italy revealed results with serious implications for sleep apnea monitoring in the transportation industry. In a study of 283 male commercial drivers reporting no signs of sleep apnea, 100 tested positive for the sleep disorder.  Two years of treatment for drivers with severe OSA resulted in near-miss accident rates dropping to that of drivers without obstructive sleep apnea.  

‘Recent data show definite increases in crash and accident risk with untreated OSA, which is the most common medical cause of daytime sleepiness...Transportation regulators need to take OSA seriously and mandate rigorous screening criteria, as well as procedures for diagnosis and ensuring treatment compliance.’
— Stefanos Kales, Harvard Medical School

The results of this study show the medical necessity of proper screening and treatment for commercial drivers.  To learn about how Eureco Health Solutions can implement our sleep apnea program and protect your company and its drivers from unnecessary medical risks and costs, contact us today.

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