Eureco Health Solutions to Exhibit at SWANApalooza in Reno, NV March 27-30

“Eureco Health Solutions is excited to join the SWANA Affinity Program and is enthusiastic about engaging with the SWANA community to share expertise in employee health and risk management.  We are proud to be supporting SWANA's goal to promote health and safety best practices in the waste management industry.

Through our Total Sleep Solution we provide expert clinical oversight of Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA) testing, diagnosis, and treatment for commercial drivers at any location nationwide.  Drivers at risk of OSA cost their employers on average $4,000 more per year compared to a driver that has been treated.  With approximately 1/3 of drivers at risk, there are significant costs with not acting.  

We look forward to meeting with health and safety leaders across the waste industry at the upcoming SWANAPalooza conference in Reno.  Please come visit us at booth 625 in the safety pavilion.”

- Aaron Hoffman, Managing Director, Eureco Health Solutions