Worker Fitness & Health to Exhibit, Present "Total Driver Health" at the Great American Trucking Show

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Houston, Texas – Worker Fitness & Health, the Houston-based occupational health services firm, will exhibit at the Great American Trucking Show in Dallas, TX from August 25th to 27th, 2016.  The Great American Trucking Show takes place at Dallas’ Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center, with 500,000 feet of exhibition space bringing together transportation and logistics industry professionals for the annual convention.  

Worker Fitness & Health provides an array of health services to its corporate clients, including fitness for duty exams, drug testing & MRO services, health promotion programming, medical surveillance, sleep apnea testing & support, medical analytics, and more.  The company seeks out progressive companies who aim to apply innovative methods as a means to helping them reimagine their health and safety related risks and develop programs to maximize health as a differentiator in their business operations.

Worker Fitness & Health will present its Total Driver Health program at the Great American Trucking Show.  The service offering combines multiple occupational health components into a comprehensive approach ensuring driver fitness for duty, regulatory compliance, reduced crash risk, and lower overall medical costs for trucking enterprises.  

“We are thrilled to present Total Driver Health at the Great American Trucking Show.”, says Managing Director, Aaron Hoffman.  “Our team views health as an asset and a liability – meaning that a strong commitment to workforce health is a tremendous benefit and business differentiator for high-risk enterprises while poor health is a serious liability.  Unfortunately, still many companies lose sight of the importance of health as a corporate value, both to their bottom line and the wellness of their people – their human capital.  We’re innovating every day and changing the dialogue around health and safety in the trucking industry, starting with Total Driver Health.”

Worker Fitness & Health’s stated mission is to manage the ‘individual’ health of employees in high risk occupations and to build health assets into the DNA of its customer’s organizations.  The company leverages data analytics, digital platforms and technology to achieve this mission and to remediate the costs associated with the health of a company’s workforce.  

Worker Fitness & Health anticipates a strong outcome at the Great American Trucking Show as it engages with industry professionals and promotes its services.  

Click here for more info about the Great American Trucking Show.  

OSHA & Partners Hold Media Teleconference on Heat-Related Illness & Injury in the Workplace

 Photo from OSHA's Water-Rest-Shade campaign  webpage .  

Photo from OSHA's Water-Rest-Shade campaign webpage. reports: 

In conjunction with its new Water-Rest-Shade awareness campaign, OSHA held a media teleconference with the National Waste & Recycling Association (NWRA) and Republic Services "to discuss the issues of heat-related illnesses and injuries in the waste and recycling industry".  

‘Every heat-related death we investigated was preventable, in most cases by simply providing water, rest and shade,’ said Assistant Secretary of Labor for OSHA Dr. David Michaels in a press release. ‘When temperatures soar, it’s vital that employers remember workers need time to develop a tolerance to the heat. In recent years, many of the heat-related fatalities we’ve seen occurred during the victim’s first three days on the job.’

Read the full article here.  

Find OSHA's Water-Rest-Shade Campaign here.  

Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA) the Focus of FMCSA's Recent Public Listening Sessions

 Photo from

Photo from

Based on 20 years of leadership in transportation, I feel that publishing a regulation (using the same language from the last FMCSA rule publication) on sleep apnea is a positive and critically needed action
— Steven Garrish, MBA, CDS, senior vice president of business development/new ventures for SleepSafe Drivers Health Issues Put Commercial Drivers at Increased Risk of Chronic Disease, Cause Them to Leave the Industry

  (Photo: Brian Hadden/

(Photo: Brian Hadden/

“Motor carriers need to take a closer look at wellness programs and the positive effects they can have on boosting driver health, according to HireRight.”
— Carina Ockedahl,

Worker Fitness & Health offers expert clinical oversight of CDL medical exams, as well as auditing and implementation of health promotion programs, ensuring less risk and more good health for your enterprise.