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Total Driver Health

Our Answer is an Integrated Approach

A comprehensive, risk-based approach to prevent and mitigate the impact of health on your bottom line, our holistic program supports drivers from pre-placement through retirement.

We are industry leading and progressive in how we provide our clients occupational health services. Our one-stop program evaluates and responds to the health-risk needs of our transportation clients and the drivers they employ.

Our experienced medical staff have held advisory roles with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration and have been integral in the development of DOT health regulation.

Our Program Includes: 

CDL Medical Clearance

DOT Drug Testing & MRO Services

Obstructive Sleep Apnea Testing

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CDL Medical Clearance

Proper CDL exam oversight serves as your company’s first health touch-point with your drivers, creating opportunity for further health promotion. Our expert team oversees a U.S. DOT FMCSA compliant medical exam process for all new hires and employees requiring CDL medical certification.

Our exam review process prevents common and avoidable problems, such as:

  • Mistakes and omissions by medical examiners
  • Approval by non-certified medical examiners
  • The tendency of drivers with disqualifying conditions to seek substandard examiners


Our Program Includes:

Clinician review of exam

Access to our network of preferred CDL medical examiners

Discussion with CDL examiner and treating physician(s) on as-needed basis

QA review of current clinics used by your company

Development of electronic medical records and a record retention system

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DOT Drug Testing & MRO Services

DOT & non-regulated drug testing programs include:

National collection network

Certified laboratory testing (hair/urine/saliva)

Random, post-accident, reasonable suspicion testing

Medical review officer services

Employee and supervisor training

Employee Assistance Programs (EAP)

We manage the increased liability you face because of the potential for driver impairment and related safety impacts.

An effective substance abuse program not only reduces risk and costs associated with preventable accidents, but it also reinforces workplace wellness and strengthens your investment in quality drivers.  

Expert Treatment & Compliance Management

Certified respiratory therapists complete CPAP device training wherever your drivers are.

  • National coverage on the road
  • 24/7 cloud-based software monitors compliance
  • Medical team maintains contact with patients as-needed
  • Only home sleep testing available that exclusively includes a chain of custody bracelet, contributing to its superior accuracy over alternative testing providers

Industry Leading OSA Testing & Treatment

Eureco Health Solutions provides the industry’s only fully integrated OSA testing, treatment and compliance monitoring program by board certified medical experts.

Home Testing & Diagnosis

We provide complete management of  home sleep testing for OSA by WatchPAT, the most accurate and convenient equipment available.

Click on the hand to see how our Total Sleep Solution works!

Click on the hand to see how our Total Sleep Solution works!

  • Home testing provides a cost-saving, mobile
  • alternative to clinical testing.
  • OSA testing can be completed overnight in a driver’s home or their truck sleeping berth.
  • Saves thousands of dollars per test.
  • Shipped within 24-48 hours to anywhere in the U.S.

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Our Comprehensive Medical Surveillance Programs Include:

  • Regular medical screenings
  • Continuous follow-up biologic monitoring for hazardous materials exposure
  • Physical capacity assessments
  • Sleep apnea testing, treatment, & compliance programs, as needed to ensure workplace safety

Medical Surveillance

Comprehensive screening and surveillance of medical issues operates to detect and prevent risk in the workplace.  The presence of various occupational hazards necessitates attentive monitoring of potentially adverse health effects on employees in order to design and test exposure-prevention strategies.  Medical surveillance includes:

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Other Services

Occupational Health Case Management System

Occupational Health Consulting & Data Analytics

Background Screening

Functional Capacity Evaluation (FCE)